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Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp (TREC) Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo Hidden in meander-belt forest on the fringe of the  pristine Tungog Lake, the Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp  (or TREC for short) offers a unique insight into the  secretive life of a Borneo Rainforest. There are ten live-  in observation platforms called “camp-platforms” or  “jungle-platforms” with limited accommodation for only  20 eco visitors.   TREC has numerous eco design features built in to  ensure zero waste, zero chemicals, a zero energy  spreadsheet and maximum water conservation. Staying  at the camp supports the lake restoration (Salvinia   removal) and orang-utan habitat restoration projects  (Tree planting) through the MESCOT Initiative.   TREC is a birdwatchers paradise. Wild fruit trees surround the eco  camp and daily attract up to five species of hornbill, orang-utan,  macaques, and a host of other rainforest birds. With a local nature-  guide there are more than 18km of forest trails to explore through  meander-belt, limestone or fresh-water swamp forests.   Stay at the Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp for your next conservation  retreat, research trip or educational project; or simply sit-back on a  “camp platform” and absorb the smells, sights, and sounds of the  Borneon Rainforest. For more information contact KOPEL Office. 
Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp is well  designed for visitors who are keen to  contribute respectfully to the places they  visit while traveling and having an  astounding rainforest and wildlife  experience....” (Martin Vogel, 2010) 
The Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp (TREC) view from the Top Deck over the Mid and Lower Observation Decks overlooks the pristine Tungog Lake where the MESCOT Initiative removes Salvinia molesta to keep the lake clear and save it from eutrification Wildlife observation platforms where you spend hours watching birds, flying lizards, insects of all shapes and sizes, and then roll-over and fall sleep to the sounds of the jungle Activities Images Rates
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