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Community Based Ecotourism Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo The MESCOT Initiative is fundamentally concerned with  protecting the forest habitat, wildlife and biodiversity of the  Lower Kinabatangan while preserving the livelihood of the  local population. The MESCOT Initiative was founded by the  local indigenous people (”Orang Sungai”) of the Batu Puteh  community in 1997 who formed a village-based cooperative  (KOPEL Ltd) in 2003 to coordinate the villager’s conservation  activities and their community-based ecotourism activities.  KOPEL seeks external funding to sponsor the MESCOT  Initiative Forest Habitat Restoration and tree planting  activities. KOPEL funds its own program of Lake Restoration   and removal of Salvinia molesta. This activity is supported by  the income generated by its ongoing ecotourism and  volunteer activities.  The community of Batu Puteh and biodiversity conservation in  the Lower Kinabatangan is indebted to the hard work of all  local villagers and volunteers alike, as well as the ongoing  support of visitors and private and government agencies that  support this initiative.  For more information or to arrange a stay contact KOPEL Office
Borneon Pygmy Elephants migrate the Lower Kinabatangan and through the forests surounding Batu Puteh 2-3 times per year
The Lower Kinabatangan A fascinating part of Borneo and Asia, the massive Kinabatangan River flows swiftly for 560km out of the  rugged mountainous interior of the Island to the north-east coast in the Malaysian State of Sabah. Most  of its upper reaches are steaming uninhabited jungles. The Lower Kinabatangan slows immensely to  meander through an endless floodplain.  Constantly inundated this area today forms the agricultural  heartland of Sabah.   What remains of the native rainforests along the floodplain is both unique and amazing, for its geography, rainforest biodiversity, and the astounding array of wildlife species still able to survival in the ever changing landscape. Take a walk through out website, or better still come at visit us, to learn about Borneo’s tropical rainforests, our diverse cultures, and help us save this remarkable part of our planet....
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